Monday, July 6, 2009

Extract Tables to Excel

One of the many powerful features of Solid PDF Tools is the ability to extract tables from a PDF file to Excel. The same feature is also available in Solid Converter PDF to Word. You choose whether you want to extract tables from an entire document, from a single page or a range of pages. You can even automate this process with scripts.

Table Extraction Made Easy
Solid PDF Tools provides three convenient options for extracting tables from your PDF documents.

1. Use the Document Menu - Open your PDF, click the Document Menu and select Extract Tables to Excel.

2. Use the Right Click Contextual Menu - Simply select the page or pages you'd like to extract from in the Pages Pane, then Right Click and choose Extract Tables to Excel.

3. Use the Toolbar Button which automatically performs this function for you.

With each method a dialog screen will appear which allows you to select the pages to convert along with additional conversion options.

The Exported File in Excel

In order to ensure accuracy, each table in your PDF file is extracted into its own worksheet in Excel.