Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best Practices for Converting PDF Files

Question: I have content I need to repurpose that is held captive in a PDF file. What do I do?
Answer: Solid Converter® PDF and Solid PDF Tools offer different options for PDF to Word conversion because one size does not fit all. There are different options that can be used to convert. Here’s how to get the best conversion for what you need.

Conversion options available in Solid PDF Tools and Solid Converter PDF include:

  1. Flowing - recovers page layout, columns, formatting, graphics and preserve text flow
  2. Exact - recovers exact page presentation using text boxes in Microsoft Word
  3. Continuous - detects layout and columns but only recovers formatting, graphics and text.

When should you use each? We get asked this question a lot and we usually followup with a question:

"What are you intending to do with the Word document (recovered PDF content) once you have converted it? Read on to see how to choose the best conversion method for your repurposing task at hand.