Monday, January 25, 2010

Batch Conversion

Solid PDF Tools v6 and Solid Converter PDF v6 include batch conversion and creation palettes that allow you to easily convert multiple PDF documents at the same time, or create a new PDF by combining multiple PDF documents. In addition, Solid PDF Tools v6 allows you to work with multiple PDF files, converting them to PDF/A (for long term archival) and validating their compliance with the ISO 19005-1 specification.

Options for batch creation of new PDFs include:
• Combining multiple PDFs into one new PDF
• Using the PDF/A-1b format
• Add Document Properties (Document Information, Page View, Optimization)

Options for batch conversion of PDFs to Word include:
• Layout and Formatting using Flowing, Continuous or Exact modes
• Converting PDF to .doc, .rtf or .xml
• Image Recovery
• Table Detection
• Managing Headers and Footers
OCR (Optical Text Recognition)

Working with palettes is as simple as browsing your computer to locate the files you'd like to work with and clicking the "Create" or "Convert" button. It really is that easy!

Batch Conversion Using Scripting and the Command Line
You can automate your conversion and creation tasks via scripting. Please visit our developer blog for more details.