Monday, October 19, 2009

Going Paperless? Organize multiple documents for your E-Fax with Solid PDF Tools for a professional looking presentation.

How many times have you had to put various important documents together and make it look professional so it could be faxed?

Create one file from a multitude of other file types for upload and send

Many find themselves with a Word doc, a scanned PDF, a Tiff image and an Excel spreadsheet scattered all over their desktop. Let Solid Converter PDF and Solid PDF Tools help organize all this and more into one consistent and clean looking document that is compatible with most E-fax programs, such as,, or Metrofax.

How do you start?
You should probably begin with a cover sheet! While some of efax's available options provide a cover sheet automatically, your company may have one that is standard or you may want to make something more personal.

Since you are probably already familiar with Word, there are templates that can get you started.

You can type in your information into the document in word and print to the Solid Converter PDF or Solid PDF tools printer driver or you can drag and drop your saved company fax cover directly to the programs to convert it to PDF. If you use this method, you can use the text correction feature to edit your fax info directly into your PDF.

Let's fax an Excel invoice

Since some e-fax programs limit the kind of document you can upload, Excel documents are not always the best choice. Lets convert the invoice to a PDF too. Print it from Excel to the printer driver or drag and drop it in. Now you have two documents open in the program in separate tabs.

Do you also want to include a copy of the original purchase order .tif file you received in your efax? No problem, Solid PDF Tools can handle this too.

Simply choose the Tiff Palette from the Solid PDF Tools View menu:

Navigate to the folder where the TIFF is located and right click (or simply Drag and Drop from the palette to the workspace!)...this will import the TIFF into the program and create another PDF.

Make it all one file.

You can do this a couple of different ways - Vertical Tab groups makes it easier to see.

Since you have three documents, click the Vertical Tab toolbar button twice to get your screen to look like this:

Click the pages pane option in each vertical tab to show a thumbnail image of each page.

Now you can just drag the second and third document into the first:

If the pages are out of order, just drag them around to get them in the order you want.

Now you can close your other two documents and keep the one with all pages open. Simply save the file and it is ready to upload to your e-fax program.

You can also add other documents that are not stored electronically into the same file too. Simply use the Scan to PDF feature to scan it into Solid PDF Tools.

Maybe it isn't an e-fax you need, but a resume and job application you want to e-mail out quickly to a potential employer. A professional looking electronic portfolio is a great way to get attention. Solid PDF Tools gets the job done quickly and easily in one complete package .